Below are a few questions you might have when using the application.

What is NCLB?
NCLB is an acronym for Northern Corn Leaf Blight.

I have pictures, what should I do now?
  • Click on the "Choose File" button
  • Select an image to upload and click on the "Submit" button
  • Scroll down to view results
What type of files can I upload?
We accept .JPG and .PNG files. For best results, images should be less than 4 MB in size.

How do I know my plant is healthy?
If no NCLB is detected, you'll see a message that no Northern Corn Leaf Blight was found.

How do I know my plant is infected with Northern Corn Leaf Blight?
The output will include the following:
  • A message that indicates that NCLB has been detected on this image. You should start treatment recommended by experts.
  • An image will be returned with the infected areas highlighted in several different colors
Can I check for other plants or other diseases?
At this time, this application focuses only on detecting NCLB for maize crop. ​

Try it! Upload your picture, submit and view results.